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Principal’s Message - October

We have had a great start to the school year. We have seen a mini-population explosion at our little school. Since the start of the school year we have had eight new students join us. A big welcome to: Samantha, Mercede, Dominic, Lily, Wilhelm, David, Kolton and Jade. It is very exciting to see our school grow to 70 students in K-9.

A highlight for me in the first month was the Fun Fridays. We mixed the school into seven tribes and we are hoping that these groups foster a great community across all grades at this school. We had a harvest festival on Friday and students participated in cornhusking relays and pumpkin carving events. We will run these events on the first Friday of the month.

Sports are in full swing at Donalda School. The boys and girls volleyball teams are showing tremendous dedication as they work on their skills in the gym. The girls team competed at the Erskine tournament and finished in first place. When I talked to Miss Smith about boys team, she raved at how this team is working unbelievably hard and is coming together as a team. Donalda will be taking four students to the CARA cross country race in Castor. These students will compete in a gruelling 2 km race as they go up and down hills and through fields. Good luck Donalda athletes!

In this newsletter, we are also sending home a new 2015-2016 Donalda School calendar. The teachers at Donalda School have been working hard at revamping the school's report card. During these conversations, we decided to change the number of reporting periods from four to three. Please see the new calendar for these dates. I will be providing more information about the new report cards in the near future.

The school will be making a transition to online payments for school fees and other costs collected during the year. You can still pay with cheques and cash but this option will hopefully reduce the amount of money that staff will have to collect. We are in the process of entering new students into the system and once this is completed we will be sending information home explaining how to start this process.

I want to take a moment to thank the Donalda School Council for everything they do. They provided a fantastic pancake breakfast at the beginning of the year and they organized the opportunity for students and families to buy Donalda School clothes. We are going to use money raised from bottle recycling at the school to purchase school t-shirts for each student.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mark Siemens

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